What wood should I use for my decking?

August 2, 2013 No Comments by chris@businessis.com.au

Merbau decking

We get asked the question of what type of decking wood you should use a lot. The easiest answer is that it is personal preference as to the type of look you are trying to achieve and your budget.

The most popular deck finish tends to be Merbau (also known as Kwila) and it provides a great finish. We also more recently have come across a product called Forest Red (sold at Bunnings), which is slightly cheaper and apparently does not bleed the colour as much as Merbau. We’ll keep you posted if this is actually the case.  If you are on a budget treated pine or cypress pine can be used effectively.

Utilising different sizes of decking timber can also achieve the designer look that you are after, hardwood decking timbers available in various sizes, from the standard 90mm wide decking timber to 140mm.

Right Angle Builders can take you through the options available and the pros and cons to each.

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