Carports are ideal for protecting your vehicle from the elements and done right can add great value to your home. Right Angle Builders can help you with your carport design or build a carport according to pre-existing plans.

Carports can be free standing or attached to a wall with an open wall area for greater ventilation. The design of your carport should blend in with your house style and our design team can help you match your new carport to the existing character and architecture of your home.

We can develop carports solutions in a variety of finishes and styles from flat roofs to pitched roofs and we design them to specifically suit your individual home. Right Angle Builder’s work with our clients when building their carports to ensure we use the best quality materials that are made to withstand Australian conditions.

When considering the construction of a new carport you will need to allow enough space to lay a concrete base for your carport. We can give you guidance on the area required and can help to arrange concreting if required.

Before building your carport check with your local council about the regulations for building carports in your local area. Local councils generally require council approval for the development of a new carport with regulations varying from council to council. Right Angle Builders can help provide guidance of the regulations and apply for permits on your behalf if you require us to.

Right Angle builders are the experts in carport design and construction in Melbourne. If you need a new carport that protects your vehicles from the elements and works in with your current house design and construction then contact Right Angle Builders today for a quote.